School Day 2017-18

For 2017-18 the school day will be extended by ten minutes to allow extra contact time with tutor groups to pass through those key messages and provide students with that additional support that they need.

The school day will therefore finish ten minutes later than 2016-17:

08:00 Breakfast Club
08:35 Period 1
09:35 Period 2
10:35 Break time
10:55 Tutor time
11:20 Period 3
12:20 Lunch time
12:50 Period 4
13:50 Period 5
14:50 End of school day

There are a wide range of after school clubs and activities available for more information please visit Clubs & Activities Page

Inset Days 2017-18

The school has scheduled the following Inset Days for 2017-18.

1st September 2017

4th September 2017

1st December 2017

4th May 2018

2nd July 2018

Term Dates 2017-18

Autumn Term 2017

Friday 1st September to Thursday 21st December
Half Term: Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October

Spring Term 2018

Thursday 4th January to Thursday 29th March
Half Term: Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February

Summer Term 2018

Monday 16th April to Friday 20th July
Half Term: Tuesday 29th May to Friday 1st June

**Inset Days 2018-19**

The school has scheduled the following Inset Days for 2018-19.

Monday 3rd September

Monday 5th November

Friday 18th January

Monday 25th March

Monday 24th June

**Term Dates 2018-19**
Term Open Half term Close
Autumn 2018 3 September 22 October – 26 October 21 December
Spring 2019 7 January 18 February – 22 February 5 April
Summer 2019 23 April 28 May – 31 May 23 July