The Pastoral System

The care and wellbeing of our students is of the highest priority at Woodlands Community College. The school has the highest expectations of its students with regard to behaviour, attendance, academic progress and social and personal development and the pastoral system is crucial in supporting this.

The Pastoral System consists of three main elements:

Tutor Groups

Students will be placed in a tutor group with other students of the same age when they arrive at the school and will meet with their tutor and tutor group each day. Tutors are an invaluable source of support and guidance throughout students’ time at school.

Year Groups

Students’ wellbeing, attendance and academic progress will also be tracked carefully by a Pastoral Leader. Pastoral Leaders ensure that your child is being challenged to achieve in every aspect of school life and will work with you and your child to remove any obstacles which may be holding your child back from maximum success. The Pastoral Leader and tutor are supported on a daily basis by an Assistant Year Leader, who do not have teaching commitments and are therefore able to deal with issues as they arise during the school day.

Year Team Contact Details

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Mr S.Froud Year 7 Year Leader 02380 475968 or 02380 463303 Option 1
Mrs X.Hookings Year 7 Assistant Year Leader 02380 475968 or 02380 463303 Option 1
Mr S.Crowe Year 8 & 9 Year Leader 02380 475966 or 02380 463303 Option 2
Mrs W.Francis Year 8 & 9 Assistant Year Leader 02380 475978 or 02380 463303 Option 2
Mrs M.Pearce Year 10 & 11 Year Leader 02380 475953 or 02380 463303 Option 3
Mrs A.Sharples Year 10 & 11 Assistant Year Leader 02380 475953 or 02380 463303 Option 3

House System

Each student is also allocated to a House group. The Houses form an important part of our school community, encouraging healthy competition, team work and a sense of belonging and identity.  Competitions and events are held throughout the year through tutor times, lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

At the end of each half term there is a House assembly in which the school community comes together to celebrate the achievements of each House. House cups are awarded to Houses for things such as improved attendance, most stamps achieved and participation to extra-curricular activities.

Our four houses are each named after famous explorers that have shown determination and perseverance; values that are core to a growth mind set.

The Houses are led by members of the Senior Leadership Team:

Armstrong: Mrs D Lowth

Hillary: Mr P Barber

Livingstone: Miss N Iverson

Shackleton: Miss R Connery


Neil Armstrong


Edmund Hillary


David Livingstone


Ernest Shackleton



Armstrong House Leader - Mrs D Lowth


Hillary House Leader - Mr P Barber

Paul Barber

Livingstone House Leader - Miss N Iverson

Nicola Iverson

Shackleton House Leader - Miss R Connery

Ria Connery


What can you do to ensure that your child’s attendance is the best it can be?

  • Ensure your child is on the school site at 8:30am.
  • Send your child to school even if they’re feeling a little under the weather. We will send them home if we need to.
  • Contact the school every day your child is absent and provide medical evidence where needed:
    • Year 7 – Mrs X. Hookings – 02380 475968
    • Year 8 & 9 – Mrs W.Francis – 02380 475978
    • Year 10 & 11 – Mrs A. Sharples – 02380 475953
  • Book all medical appointments after 2:40pm. If the only appointment  available are during the school day, please bring them to school either before the appointment or straight after.
  • Do not book family holidays during term time.
  • Immediately contact your child’s pastoral team if there is a reason why your child does not want to come to school.
  • Attend any meetings/information sessions that you are invited to.
  • Check your child’s planner weekly and familiarise yourself with their attendance.
  • Ensure the school has up to date phone numbers and (e-mail) addresses.

At Woodlands your child’s attendance at school is a priority. You can see from the diamond opposite – if attendance is below 97% your child is at risk of underachievement.

As a parent you are legally expected to send your child to school daily.

You will be committing an offence if you fail to send you child to school regularly and punctually.

What does your childs attendance mean?
Attendance figure Days of absence by the end of the year Learning missed by the end of year 11
100% 0 0
95% 10 3 months
90% 20 6 months
80% 40 12 months