House System

Each pupil is part of one of our four Houses for the whole time they are here.

The House system is in place to encourage healthy competition amongst staff and students and is a part of everything that we do at Woodlands.

Competitions and events are held throughout the year through tutor times, lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

Every half term there is a House assembly in which the school community comes together to celebrate the achievements of each House. House cups are awarded to Houses for things such as improved attendance, most stamps achieved and participation to extra-curricular.

The Houses are led by members of the Senior Leadership team with the Head Teacher remaining impartial:

Armstrong: Ms M Olschner

Hillary: Mr P Barber

Livingstone: Miss N Iverson

Shackleton: Miss R Connery

Our four houses are each named after famous explorers that have shown determination and perseverance; values that are core to a growth mind set.


Neil Armstrong


Edmund Hillary


David Livingstone


Ernest Shackleton