Year Teams

At Woodlands we have a year group pastoral system. We believe that this not only suitably supports your child socially and emotionally but also academically.

For us, communication is key and we want to work together with you to ensure that you and your child feel supported.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress, the details of your child’s tutor, Assistant Year Leader, Attendance Officer and Year Leader can be found below.

Click on any of the staff names to send them an email.

Year Year Leader Assistant Year Leader Attendance Officer Tutors
Year 7 Mr S Crowe   Please contact Assistant Year Leader as listed Miss J Mitchell
Mrs X Hookings Mr E Worrall
  Mr K Wooton
02380 475968 Ms P Connolly
  Miss L Westley
Year 8 Mr J Allmark   Mrs S White
  Miss A Nicholson
  Mrs J Haro
Mrs W Francis Mrs K Barratt
  Mr J Eiles
Year 9 Miss P Patel   Miss G Hicks
02380 475978 Mr N Pearce
  Mr O Bellman
  Mrs S Osben
  Mrs Z Pryce
Year 10 Mrs H Strange   Mr A Whitworth
  Miss J Lawrence
  Miss H O'Leary
Mrs A Sharples Mr R Doulton
  Mr C Main
Year 11 Mrs M Pearce   Mrs E Rex
02380 475953 Miss E Leavesley
  Mrs O Bellman