mangahighlogoWhat is Mangahigh? is one of the world’s first games-based-learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose-built casual games that balance fun and learning.

Who is involved?

Mangahigh was founded by an experienced team of mathematicians and game specialists who strive to balance game play and education. To find out more about us, please visit our Team Page.

What is Games-Based Learning?

Games-Based Learning fuses computer games and academic subjects to provide a compelling and exciting supplement to traditional pedagogy. Many scientific studies have shown that students perform better with the help of Games-Based Learning.

Why is Mangahigh so effective?

Mangahigh is proven to be effective for the following reasons:

  • Adaptivity:Each game covers certain learning topics and is designed to dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student in order to aid the student to stay in their zone of proximal development i.e. “the level of difficulty that is neither too hard nor too easy, and is the level at which optimal learning takes place“(Renaissance Learning, 2007).
  • Automaticity:“is the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low level details required. It is usually the result of learning, repetition, and practice” (Wikipedia).All Mangahigh games have a meta-objective that the players strive to achieve by repeating a simple step (game mechanic) over and over again. By overlaying the game mechanic with the core learning concept, we’ve invented the new and more efficient way of learning for the new generation.
  • Discipline and self-learning:Games develop students’ ability and curiosity to observe, hypothesise, test, evaluate, conclude and refine ideas that are not always possible with traditional pedagogic teaching.
  • Application of theory:The games provide powerful contexts that often bring out the ‘real-world’ application of the topic at hand, thereby increasing the students’ interest in the content and encouraging them to explore further.

Students user credentials are made up as follows:

Username – Firstname.Surname

Password – Firstname


For example a student named John Smith would use the following credentials:

Username – john.smith

Password – John