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At Woodlands we offer a diverse and stimulating music course that will entertain and engage any student. Lessons are mainly practical and centre on exploring music through composition and performance. A wide range of musical styles of music are covered including present day genres. Class work is supported by extra curricular opportunities in vocal and instrumental work. This is a popular subject with students and one that offers a host of transferrable skills and concepts.

Year upon year themes for schemes of work

Year 7 includes work on:

  1. Rhythm and Beat.
  2. Melody and Harmony
  3. Music Notation.
  4. Opera.
  5. Jazz.
  6. Samba.

Year 8 includes work on:

  1. The Blues.
  2. Rondo form.
  3. Programme music (descriptive music).
  4. Guitars.
  5. Notation.
  6. Pop backing tracks.

Year 9 includes work on:

  1. Minimalism.
  2. Jazz harmony.
  3. Song writing.
  4. Reggae.
  5. Music for Film.
  6. Medieval music.

KS4 provision is currently a BTEC First Extended Certificate in Music. This includes work on planning and creating a show from scratch. This involves teamwork in a self disciplined college style learning environment to create something original and exciting that students can be really proud of.

KS4 students will also prepare four contrasting solo musical performances to a standard appropriate to their training. These can be performed during the above show or in front of smaller, less formal audiences. This is accompanied by two smaller units where students track and plan their potential future career as a musician. There may well be other options for further study in the future.

Assessment Information

Exam board – Edexcel BTEC
Assessment weighting – KS4 100% coursework
KS3 are assessed on a solo/group performance every half term.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Woodlands contracts specialist teachers from Southampton City Council’s Music Services in order to offer additional, affordable, dedicated music tuition to our students outside of their classroom Music lessons. From September 2011, lessons will be available in the following instruments: guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, singing, drums, woodwind (flute, clarinet and saxophone) and brass (trumpet, euphonium, trombone, French horn and tuba).

Lessons are held at the end of the school day in our suite of music practice rooms.

The cost of lessons is subsidised by the school and so we make a minimal charge to parents/carers of 12 per half term, or 72 per year. If your child loans an instrument to practice on at home, there is a 20 annual premium (payable directly to Southampton Music Services) to insure it. These charges are significantly lower than the cost of tuition and represent a large saving on private music lessons. If your child receives Free School Meals the school will cover the cost of the lessons.

For further information, please speak to Mrs. Allen, Head of Performing Arts, either by telephoning the school on 02380 463303 or by email on